ASB Photo challenge
Entrants are requested to take a photograph at destinations. The photographs should attempt to capture some element of interest, e.g. comprise a scene at the destination landmark, include your motorcycle and/or yourself in the picture. (Please avoid showing motorcycle number plates in the photographs.) All photographs must be taken during the duration of the ASB Challenge.    
The competition will open on01/10/2020 and close on 31/12/2020.
At the end of each month entrants can email their best TWO digital photographs to :-  asbchallenge@gmail.com
ASB Challenge organisers will select some of the best photographs to publish on the ASB website and in  newspapers etc.
Submission of photographs implies permission is granted to share and publish on ASB website, social media and/or local press.
Spot prizes for best photographs may be awarded at the organiser's discretion;
ASB will present any such awards at a forthcoming event .

W P. 12.  Andrew Chilton

by Andrew Chilton.

WP 19 and 20 Tony and Alison Marshall with

Steve Ewan.

Erik Eriksson      WP 6 and WP 7 below.

Stuart Watson WP and WP ?.

Miguel Guerra  WP ?

                                      Stan Green WP 11.

 WP 10

Stan, Andrew, Erwin, Mauro and Lothar

WP 1  Left  and WP 14 above     Michael Jensen

WP 1     David  Shirley and below with John Peaker 


Porto Covo by  Eric Desurvire

WP 7   Andrew Chilton with unkown Paraglider

WP 26 and WP 1 (Below)  by Dale Pletan

Left Alte Veiwpoint WP.

David Shirley

 A couple of photographs that probably don't meet the exact brief, but I hope engage with the spirit. Not being able to get over to our home in Carvoeiro (where I have my wee bike) we have been taking to the water in my RIB. The pictures are of a day on Loch Earn with Louise and some of the kids. It was cold, but beautifully clear. Hope they might be of some interest. Looking forward to the vaccine and getting back to the Algarve, and the bike. Neil Pryde.