Plan a Ride

Ride Planning Requirements

Decide where you want to go and choose a route.

The format of







Longer rides sometimes continue after lunch.

Seems to work for most people.

But new ideas are welcome.

Then sort out the following :-

Meeting place. Easy to find and leave with a large group.

Parking for many bikes.

Preferably at a cafe or service station with coffee, fuel and toilets available.

Halfway break again with parking, coffee and toilet facilities.

Restaurant for lunch that can handle up to 50 people and does not require prepayment.

Must also be prepared to accept postponement in case of bad weather. Simple basic menu preferably with choice of fish, meat and vegetarian.

Usually a Prata da dia style including Couvert, Main, Dessert and coffee. One drink per person.

We need to add five euros to the price for charity, tips and admin so need a good deal to keep costs down.

Ideally 15/18 euros pp.

Route can be about two to two and a halfhours' ride. On good scenic surfaced roads and avoiding busy towns as muchas possible.

including viewpoint stops for photos etc.

I ideally need 4 lead riders and 4 tail riders for each event.

Allowing for smaller groups or a lead rider not being available.

Test Riders: should commit to BOTH dates for test ride and monthly ride.

The test ride isn't "just another ride"

Test ride should held if pssible on the same day of week as the planned official ride and check for monthly market days, fairs etc. at the destination too!

Test ride to be well in advance to allow preparation of invitation and publication of the forthcoming event.

The test ride will confirm the route is on good safe roads avoiding heavy traffic areas and difficult junctions if possible and will check the timing of each section so that everyone arrives safely on time for coffee, lunch etc.

After the test we should have all the information to

Schedule a plan for:

Meetup & gathering time

Departure time/times

On road ride time to coffee

Coffee break arrival & departure(s)

Photo stop time

On road ride time to lunch

Restaurant arrival