David Shirley ASB organiser
Please note. It was decided at the recent meeting that members taking part in rides  provide details of who to contact should they have the misfortune to be involved in any emergency such as breakdown, illness, accident etc.
This should done when signing in at the start.
Please remember that this year the lunch price includes an additional five euros.
One euro tip for the restaurant staff.
One euro for administration expenses to pay for the website etc.
Three  euros for the charity we support which is the
Gaivota Children's Home in  Albufiera.

Any money not used for tips or admin will go to the charity at the end of the year.
In the event of bad weather or any change to the  Covid 19 regulations events may be postponed or cancelled.  You will be notified by email and asked to book again if a new date is a possibility.

Drinks with lunch. Please read....... 
I have to point out that on the last ride I had a problem when it came to paying the lunch bill. You will see on the invitations that lunches normally include ONE drink per person. Although this does not apply to everyone present many of you appeared to have had more than the one in included and I wrongly assumed that you would be paying separately for these drinks  as is the usual arrangement. It was a hot day and understandably people need to drink more. Consequently I was presented with a bill substantially  higher than expected.
After some embarrassing negotiation with 
the restaurant owner I handed over 60 euros above that expected. 
I am not asking you to repay this money but to please bear this in mind at future lunches and  pay for any extra drinks at bar or to the waiting staff..