Next Event.

February 26th.    

Ride from Sao Marcos de Serra ending in Vila Nova de Milfontes organised by

                            Philippe Payen, Eric Desurvire, Andrew Chilton, Erwin Oortman. 


Meet Sao Marcos de Serra.

10 am.

Ride to Vila Nova de Milfontes.

Approximately 90 Kms .

Lunch at Restaurant A Petisqueira Alagoas at 2 pm.

Menu includes.


Choice of main course.

Fish ( Caldeira) or 

Meat ( Mixed grill)



Drink with meal.

17 euros.

There will be a coffee break on the way in Colos.

Please book before Thursday 20th with your choice main course.

A bit earlier than usual due to carnival week end.

David Shirley. ASB Organiser.

Please remember that this year the lunch price includes an additional three euros.

One euro tip for the restaurant staff.

One euro for administration expenses to pay for the website etc.

One euro for the charity we support which is the Gaivota Home for teenagers in Albufiera.

Any money not used for tips or admin will go to the charity at the end of the year.


It has been pointed out to me that a few riders are just turning up for rides

without booking and not staying for lunch and

therefore not contributing towards the admin costs and not giving a donation to the charity.

I know some do but  it would be a nice gesture in future if all members just coming

for the ride gave a minimum 2 euro donation and notified their intention to take part.


Bookings to or

      phone 282444061 or 961736817.

If bad weather is forecast rides may be postponed and

a new date set and you will be asked to rebook.