Answers to a few questions I have been asked recently.

·          Yes. I can get our group Logo as seen on caps and polo shirts embroidered on to your own clothing i.e. shirts, fleeces , sweatshirts etc. Cost would be €5.00 per item.

Not always possible on items with a lining and at your own risk.

·          On the subject of shirts. I can get the Polo shirts in white and also T Shirts in white with black collar with embroidered logo like the one I have been wearing recentl.

Sew on patches could be alternative but need to be ordered in large quantities.

·          No. There is no restriction on age, sex , nationality or anything else to becoming a member of the ASB only that you are an experienced biker and take a responsible safe attitude to motorcycling.

·          No. There is no restriction on the style , type , size or cc of the bike you ride only it should be noted that some of the longer hilly routes that we use may not be much fun on a 125 cc machine.

·          Yes. With regard to bringing a guests with you whether as a pillion rider or on their own bike. They are always very welcome as long as we know in advance and abide by our rules

and hope as a result they will want to become members.

·          Yes. If for any reason you cannot take part in the full days ride please feel free to join us

even if it just for part of the ride or at the coffee stop or for the lunch.

Just keep us informed of your intentions.

·          Yes. By all means come by car to the lunch if your bike is unavailable for any reason.

·          No. there is no reason why we do not do rides in the afternoon or evenings.

It is just no one has come up with any firm ideas.

·          No.There is no reason not to have longer 2 or 3 day trips if anyone would like to organize one. Keep in mind it is difficult to find overnight accommodation for large groups.

Also some of us old people suffer from various aching parts and cannot ride long distances

without frequent breaks to recover.

·          Camping was tried once and although a lot of interest was shown to start

with it ended up with only three riders going and although they had a great time

it was a disappointing turnout for the person who went to the

trouble of organizing everything.

·          Yes. We could have a monthly group meeting night, but where?

We have riders from all over the Algarve.

·          Yes. We could have designated cafes to ride to on certain days of the month

for informal meets.

.  Again , Where , When , How often ?

.    Any suggestions?

.    Yes. We could use the meeting places we use now for that purpose but

it would be good to have others available.

Hope this answers a few questions.

As you know I started the group 10 years ago , but now we have over 180 members.

Some more active than others and if you would like to do something

different to our usual traditional  style rides please feel free to put forward by email

your ideas and any thoughts regarding any of the above.

I look forward to meeting up with you all again soon.

Safe riding.

David Shirley