ASB Gravel Roads Riding Group

Greetings ASB Gravel Road Riders!

You are all invited to join the February gravel road ride.

A big thank you to Tom van der Sar & Chris Thomas for planning this the first ASB gravel roads ride for 2024 in the eastern Algarve:

Moncarapacho – Cacela Velha – Tavira – Moncarapacho

"FULL - Entries are now Closed for this ride"

Expressions of interest for the next ride in March, can be sent to

Route Overview                                                          Shallow Water Crossing

Recce Ride - A Shallow Water Crossing

The Route Plan:

The date for ride: Monday 19th February 2024

The Second Man Drop-off System

The leader and sweeper will be using the Second Man Drop-off System during this ride to 'mark' the turns and deviations along the trail; as well as keeping the rider behind you in your mirrors where possible.

Also checkout the ASB webpage for Group Riding and using the second man drop-off system: 

The ride briefing at the start will cover this topic.

Emergency Contacts:

At the start of the rides please provide a piece of paper to Tom (Ride Leader) with: own name and phone number and next of kin name and phone number

ASB Charity Fund:   

As an ASB event, a donation of €3 per rider is most welcome at the start ot the ride

The Route: 

Moncarapacho – Cacela Velha – Tavira – Moncarapacho; 

Length approx. 90km; 50/50 gravel/tarmac; 

850 m ascent max 13% up, max 12% down (short tarmac sections); 

Water crossing:  approx 4-5m wide; shallow; with compact gravel base 

Approx. 3,5hrs (excluding stops).
Coffee break: Cabenas area (50km).
Final destination: Lunch at Restaurant Casa da Pasta do Carmo, TBC, (Quelfes).

All food is to be purchased individually (there is no pre-booked meal); but please indicate if you opt for "Ride Only".

[Final details may be subject to change]


Thank you to all of you who have shown interest and entered for the ride.

1 Tom van der Sar Leader 2 Chris Thomas Sweeper 3 Stefan Greger 4 Sandra Greger

5 Steve Ewan 6 Stephane Leveque 7 Dieter Schneider 8 Bryan Jeanes 9 Neil Macklin

10 Chris Banks

Whatsapp Group: "19th Feb ASB Gravel Ride"

For ease of ride group communication, I propose inviting all ride members to join a Whatsapp group for just this ride; it will be 'temporary', in that one week after the ride I will close the group.

If you do NOT wish to join that please say so, or reject the invitation.

[Please read all the notes at the foot of this email.]


Andrew Chilton

[I regret I myself cannot join this ride, but have a great time.]


ASB Charity Fund:   As an ASB event, a donation of €3 per rider at the start of the ride is most welcome.


For emergency assistance services, checkout for info and personal membership.


ASB Gravel Roads Riding Group


  • The organisers, lead riders, markers, and sweepers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any event or ride.
  • All riders and passengers taking part in any event or ride do so entirely at their own risk and liability, taking full responsibility for their own safety.
  •       All riders must comply with all necessary legal requirements.
  •       All riders taking part should wear approved safety riding gear and bikes must be road legal in Portugal.


  • Off-road riding is a high risk activity, where the risk of incidents, risk of falls and/or injury to rider and machine are far greater than that of regular road riding.
  • Rider and machine should be suitably prepared for the challenge of an off-road ride; always ride within your own ability
  • It is recommended that riders wear protective clothing and/or equipment suitable for off-road riding.
  • On an off-road ride, it is important that riders stay within visual range of each other and/or mark course deviations on the trails
  • It is recommended to carry a drink and snack with you, should the ride have to stop at a remote location.
  • ASB gravel road rides are intended for riders with ‘adventure’, ‘dual sport’ or ‘enduro’ types of machines, fitted with non-road, ‘block-tread’ or similar tyres fitted.
  • It is envisaged that standard road-going bikes do not participate in these rides.
  • Riders should provide the ride leader with an emergency contact telephone number.
  • ASB will issue a route plan prior to the event.
  •      Second man drop-off system when used for group riding see: 
  • ASB reserves the right to change or cancel an off-road event for any reason, for example, due to poor weather conditions


Have fun, respect the countryside, take care and enjoy the ride…