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A donation of €5 per rider at the start of the ride is most welcome.



ASB Gravel Roads Riding Group Disclaimer

The organisers, lead riders, markers, and sweepers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any event or ride.

All riders and passengers taking part in any event or ride do so entirely at their own risk and liability, taking full responsibility for their own safety.

      All riders must comply with all necessary legal requirements.

      All riders taking part should wear approved safety riding gear and bikes must be road legal in Portugal.



Off-road riding is a high risk activity, where the risk of incidents, risk of falls and/or injury to rider and machine are far greater than that of regular road riding.

Rider and machine should be suitably prepared for the challenge of an off-road ride;

Riders should always ride within one’s own ability.

If the route becomes too challenging for the rider, he/she should stop, speak with the ride Sweeper and/or Leader to seek assistance or make an alternative route plan.

It is recommended that riders wear protective clothing and/or equipment suitable for off-road riding.

For an off-road ride, it is important that riders stay within visual range of each other and/or mark course deviations on the trails.

It is recommended to carry a drink and snack with you, should the ride have to stop at a remote location.

ASB gravel road rides are intended for riders with ‘adventure’, ‘dual sport’ or ‘enduro’ types of machines, fitted with non-road, ‘block-tread’ or similar tyres fitted.

It is envisaged that standard road-going bikes do not participate in these rides.

Riders should provide the organiser and/or ride leader with an emergency contact name and telephone number.

ASB will issue a route plan prior to the event.

Second man drop-off system when used for group riding see: 


ASB reserves the right to change or cancel an off-road event for any reason, for example, due to poor weather conditions


Have fun, respect the countryside, take care and enjoy the ride…



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