There are general guidelines published on the internet by the Motorcycle Safety Federation and it is suggested that we follow their guidelines in order to keep our rides safe and enjoyable.  Here is a short review of some of the main points.

A lead and tail rider should be nominated at the start to ensure that we know the way and no one gets left behind.

Ride to the bike behind you not to the one you are following.  Try to ensure that you have the following bike in your mirrors most of the time.  You will only need to slow or stop if you lose contact for a long time.  If you stop and the following rider does not appear after a few minutes return and see if assistance is required.  If all participants follow this rule eventually the lead rider will become aware of the situation.

Leave plenty of space between bikes.  Only a fool breaks the two second rule.

Always allow other traffic space for safe overtaking. 

If you have a mobile phone take a note of the numbers of other riders taking part so that you can contact them should the need arise.

Where possible and safe to do so try to ride in staggered formation and not directly behind the bike in front so that you can see and react to conditions ahead.  This also makes the group more visible to oncoming traffic.

Try not to overtake and if you want to ride ahead to the next stop make sure that the leader is aware of your intention.

Check how many bikes there are at the start and if anyone is joining or leaving en route and make sure all arrive at the various stops as planned.

Most importantly RIDE FOR YOURSELF.  You are of no use to anyone if you end up in a heap worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Have fun, take care and enjoy the ride but remember Portugal has a Zero Tolerance

Policy with regard to  Drinking Alcohol and Driving and any accident caused by drinking would reflect badly on the reputation of all ASB members.


The organisers and lead riders accept no responsibilty whatsoever for any event or ride.

      All riders and passengers taking part in any event or ride do so entirely

      at their own risk and take full responsibility for their own safety.