Corona Virus - Covid 19.

Details of of the latest government information on the Corona Virus - Covid 19 have been reproduced

below from the Algarve Daily News Online Website who provided this update.  Group sizes have been reduced back to 5 people.

With regard to this current information I we have to  continue of the suspention of our larger group activities for the time being. 

The ASB Challenge and Photo Challenge can continue with small groups of no more than FIVE people.

Please note you can not have for example 15 people on a ride and divide into 3 groups of 5 people.

This will not comply with the rules. 

I think the health and safety of our members and others must be paramount as many of us must fall into the high risk category. 

Please understand that it is better for the ASB to be seen to be acting responsibly in these difficult times. 

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Take care and stay safe.

David Shirley, Organiser,  Algarve Senior Bikers.

For people wishing to report any health problems they can contact the SNS health line 808 24 24 24.

Latest News

The country has reinstated measures in attempt to control the recent rise in Covid cases.

The decree law has been published, with an informal English translation kindly made by Safe Communities Algarve, for information purposes only HERE.

In brief, as of today, where it was 10 people previously, gatherings on the public road are now limited to just five people – unless they are from the same household. The limitation applies to any space for public use, of a commercial nature and catering establishments.
There is a limit on all family events such as weddings, baptisms, etc to a maximum of 50 people. All are required to comply with the rules of physical distance, hand hygiene and individual protection, namely, the use of the mask. 

The use of a mask or visor on public roads is recommended, as well as the use of the STAYAWAY COVID mobile application, if your mobile phone supports the technology.

The security forces and the Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) will reinforce the inspection actions. The authorities will pay attention to the compliance with the rules presented here, both in relation to the gathering of people on the public road, and to the restrictions applied to commercial and catering establishments.
Commercial and catering establishments that do not scrupulously ensure compliance with the rules, may be punished with a fine. The calamity situation added to the fine, which can now go up to 10,000 euros.

The calamity situation allows the Government to adopt, whenever necessary, measures that are justified to contain the pandemic, such as, for example, circulation restrictions.