ASB Ride October 17th.             

Eastern Algarve

Leaving  September's meeting place at the Rede Energia Petrol Station,

just south of São Bras de Alportel the clouds started to melt away with

the rising temperature. It was an extremely good turn-out with 36 riders 

including many new faces and bikes wanting to experience an ASB Ride.

Due to the amount of members turning up, we divided into two groups

making the ride more manageable, pleasant and safe.

Group 1 was led by Hans and away we went

10 minutes before Group 2 lead by Phil. Both riders being very experienced at organising

and leading ASB rides.

We headed east for a short while before turning in a northerly direction

along very nice, quiet country roads surrounded by beautiful views

of rolling hills and valleys with the occasional hamlet and village

to ride through. After 40 minutes or so with the sun shining and

the heat climbing, we reached our designated coffee stop for a well

earned break at at Casa de Pasto Paraiso de Serra near the river bridge in Portela .

Group 2 arrived shortly afterwards and it was nice to

compare highlights of the first leg and get to know the new members.

Away we went again in split groups and headed towards Cachopo

before turning east for what was to become the highlight of the ride.

Riding in the sunshine along winding roads on top of the hills rewarded

us with views down to the Algarve Coast in the hazy distance.

Eventually, we approached the Barragem de Odeleite from the west and rode

along the northern side which opened up more wondrous views.

Finally, we reached our lunch destination at

The Bela-Vista Restaurant Odeleite and shortly afterwards

group 2 joined us. 

The staff really looked after us with service and food

on par with the excellent ride we had all just experienced.

Written by Michael Jensen who also took the photographs.