ASB Members June ride.

On a day with lovely warm sunshine the Algarve Senior Bikers met in Sao Bras de Alportel  for a beautiful ride across the northern Algarve hills.

Some of the highest roads in the area allowed some spectacular views towards the coast and inland. 

The route from the start was to via Javali to Cachopo for a break for a cold drink before heading west into the hills through Amexial and California to the finish.  

The quiet roads provided a great riding experience which was matched by the equally enjoyable lunch at the end of the route in the village of Sarnadas near Alte .

Lunch on this occasion provided by Luis and his staff at Restaurant Al Café.

The ride was planned by Dave Everest and David Shirley who also acted as leaders for the two groups.

Photos by John Heffernan and David Shirley.