Here is a list of proposed longer tours together with the email addresses of the organisers and provisional dates.

If you would like to join in any of these tours please can you email directly to the organisers stating your interest

in the tour with a copy to me as soon as possible please.   

This will enable us to establish whether there is sufficient interest to proceed further with checking routes and accommodation etc.

These trips will be limited to a small number of riders so if you want to come along please let us know as soon as possible stating which tour/s you would like to join.

Sept / Oct

2 nights

Monsaraz and Moura.

David Shirley.

June 7/9.

2 nights.

Jerez Spain for

World Superbike Racing.

David Shirley.

September 24/25/26.

2 or 3 nights.

North West Portugal. 

Philippe Payen.


Alain Balouzet.

November 14th or 21st 

2 nights.

Aracena. Spain.  Info below.

email for more details and map.

Juergen Heinz.

ASB-Tour Aracena, 2 nights // 14. or 21. Nov 2019 start date

Day 1

Western Algarve to meet at Lagoa Bus Terminal at the roundabout at 09:30.

Eastern Algarve to meet at the first fueling Station after crossing the spanish Border around 10:45.

Ride to Aracena (final route not yet decided). Appr 320 km ca 4 hours from Portimao (plus a little

touring around), max will be 400 km at day 1. We will stop for coffee, but not for big lunch. May be

you bring some fruits/a bite for the ride

CheckIn Hotel Los Castanos should be around 16:00. They have safe indoor parking, in the center

near grutas and Tapas restaurant. Jürgen will arrange a group tariff incl breakfast and every body can

book in individually

Grutas Maravilhas (10 min walk from Hotel, open till 18:00) appr 17:30 the last group will go in.,

At 20:30 Tapas!! at Restaurant Montecruz

Day 2

Start at 09:30 - Ride around Aracenea for about 4,5 hours


- Castle and Church

- Museo de Jamon

Dinner - tbd

Day 3

Ride home. Due to the little windy roads the average speed will only be around 50km/h, so the net

riding time for 300km is 6 hours plus. With breaks expected riding time is 7,5 hours. I plan to start at


Remark: We will go highways at 120 km/h and very little roads in cruising mode. You should be an

experienced and safe rider.


1.Roger Ingle ,2.David Shirley,3.Alfred Koolen,

4.Miriam Post,5.Ulf Kollbratt,6.Steve Wills

CANCELLED due to difficulty with obtaining hotels


1.David Shirley,2.John Redding,3.Alfred Koolen,

4.Michael jensen,5.Ulf Kollbratt,


1.Philippe Payen,2.Alain Balouzet,3.Alfred Koolen,

4.Ulf Kollbratt,5.Peter Frank,6.Peter Kenyon,


1.Juergen Heinz,2.David Ashcroft,3.Alfred Koolen,

4.Fritz Norrgård,5.Ulf Kollbratt,6.Philippe Payen,